S. Willis

You can reach me at askhyp3rshock@gmail.com or find me on almost any platform as hyp3rshock.

English major with a concentration in writing (shocking!) hailing from North of Chicago/South of Milwaukee. I graduated in winter of 2013 and am now working full time in the boat business. (weird, right?)

I love writing, though the process sometimes frustrates the hell out of me. But I figure if I haven’t given up at this point, I’m not likely to! I’m currently revising a YA dark fantasy about magic and monsters.

I am drowning in hobbies.

I love to read, mostly Fantasy and Sci-Fi. I love podcasts, D&D, and watching Youtube let’s plays.

Compelling, story-driven cartoons masquerading as kids shows are my absolute jam. (Avatar, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, She-Ra)

I’m a big fan of cheesy old-school anime. (Inu Yasha, Sailor Moon, DBZ, FLCL)

I dabble in cosplay and have started getting into convention photography. I love learning new crafts!

I’m a fiend for video games. (Warcraft, Diablo, Animal Crossing, Pokemon- I’m also a sucker for tactical and card games!)

I tried to stop reading comics but I can’t give up Giant Days or Lore Olympus.

Basically I’m a big ole nerd. I’m always jazzed to make new friends and fan girl out!



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