I’ve been trying to keep to the habit of writing an update once a month or so, buuuuut it got away from me again. (shocking) February was busy and then I got freakin’ Covid which took me out for a week but the disruption to my anxiety meds made me less than fully operational for over a month. Woof.

Now it’s mid-April and I’m finally starting to feel like I’m back on solid footing. I really need to get back into keeping regular correspondence with all my lovely critique partners. I feel so guilty for my long lapses, but I just haven’t been in the headspace for it.

Accompanying that, I haven’t written anything meaningful in two full months and I feel like I am creatively withering away. BUT! My meds have stabilized me again, the warmer weather and promises of the coming summer are bolstering my mood, and with it I can feel my motivation returning.

That said, I have so much to look forward to this summer. :D We finally get to take our RV out on its maiden voyage! Cannot wait to get out there and do some hardcore GLAMPING.

Plus, now that I and all my close friends are all vaccinated, we finally get to see each other again after over a FULL YEAR. I cannot believe it went on this long but I cannot wait to see them again. We’ve planned our first post-vaccination girls’ day for a trip to the theater to see the Demon Hunter movie and go get some conveyer belt sushi. I haven’t been so excited for what would have been a simple day out in SO LONG. And the Renn Faire has announced its official return this year. Everything is looking up!

While I was creatively clogged, as it were, I did some office upgrades and I’m ready to start making things again.

I think I’m going to pull the trigger on posting my first MS online. I want to retire it from the query hunt and focus on my new projects since, in writing my first story, I’ve honed my approach. But I didn’t want to COMPLETELY shelve my beloved book. I’d love to see it read. So I’m putting it out there and waiting to see what happens. Looks like Wattpad and AO3 are the sites in vogue right now so I’ll add links to my menu once its posted. Hoping I get some good feedback- maybe it’ll kick my rekindling motivation into overdrive. :)

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