This summer is turning out to be full to the brim and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve reached a rare balance of work busy & fun busy and I’m interested to see how long it will last.

I finished part 3 of my fantasy WIP and made a conscious decision to step away from it for a few weeks. I could feel myself getting creatively fatigued by the end, like I had been too close to the story for too long, and it was all getting hard to see. I wanted to take a break, focus on my other creative endeavors, and return to it refreshed- with new eyes. It feels great to take a break from writing without the accompanying feeling of guilt. I know this is what my story needs right now, and it’s also never far from my mind. I know there will come a point soon when I’m anxious to get back into it, but in the meantime I’ve made some progress on a bunch of other stuff I love.

Had my first trip to the Renn Faire and I loved it, as always. The Bristol Renaissance Faire is consistently one of the happiest places I’ve ever visited. The scenery and atmosphere are unmatched, it’s rarely too crowded, the food and staff are excellent- if you live nearby I highly recommend a visit! I went without a costume and focused on taking pictures instead, this time. I’m hoping to get a chance to edit them in the next couple days and make a little photo dump post.

I’m also getting close to finishing my Taako costume! It’s missing the bracer and the cape, and I want to touch up the ears and makeup, but otherwise I’m so pleased with how it turned out. Taako is such a rad character; I’m so looking forward to being him with the rest of Tres Horny Bois when we head back to the Faire at month’s end. Gratuitous pictures to follow, I’m sure!

I also had the opportunity to host my first tabletop campaign as a GM. I’m doing a run of Monster of the Week inspired by The Adventure Zone: Amnesty. It’s a fun & easy game type and I’m lucky to have a great group of players. Everyone’s characters meshed really well and I’m excited to see where the story goes! It’s a lot harder to be a GM then I imagined (I was already nervous about it) and it got a little rough in parts, but I think I learned a lot and I’ll know how to be better prepared for next time.

Beyond that, it’s my birthday this week and I’m celebrating by (hopefully) getting a small tattoo that I’ve wanted for a while and then I’m going camping with a bunch of rad friendos.

I wish this summer would never end. Hoping you all are enjoying it too!

3 thoughts on “Busy but Balanced

  1. Congrats on finishing part 3 of your WIP! Sounds like you have a lot of awesome things going on to keep you busy while taking a break from it :) I’m researching Stars Without Number in order to GM a campaign. It’s an adventure and I’m scared to death I’m going to screw it up for my players lol


    1. I just looked up that RPG- it looks really cool! Good luck to you! I think the important thing to remember is (and I try to remind myself of this, too) that everyone wants it to succeed- your players will help you!

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